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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We spent the last 15 days in New England visiting my husband's extensive extended family and I am so thankful to be home safe and sound after some excruciatingly frightening air travel. I'm going to be posting a giveaway soon just because I feel so relieved and happy to be able to continue my work of putting beauty out there into the world however I can. It is an honor and a privilege to do so.

The three of us, along with Ellia and Monet, stayed at my husband's grandmother's home with my mother- and father-in-law who also traveled from AZ--though the pilgrimage is an annual occurrence for them. To finally meet the many characters in the family tree in person was amazing.

And I have to say, I am now a huge fan of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. So much so that we are discussing a possible move to this part of the country. Anybody know of any jobs? :-)

We took a rowboat out on a pond. One of the most exciting little unexpected things was when the wind lifted the lilypads domino-style, revealing their red undersides. I don't believe I've ever seen lilypads *move* before. We looked for berries on the bushes edging the shore, but found nothing but a few hard green blackberries.

We went swimming in New Hampshire. I was born near the ocean down South, but hadn't been for something like 17 years, so long that it seemed entirely new again. And it was new, because I was there with my 22-month-old, who had never been to an ocean. We splashed and jumped the waves and 'built sandcastles.' I sheepishly panicked that a floating ziplock bag was a jellyfish. The water was cold but the sand hot and I ran back and forth between the water and our little towel of beach burning my feet then cooling them.

In the woods at Walden Pond, Alice stopped to show Ellia a fascinating pinecone. At the site of Thoreau's cabin, there is a landmark stone with engraved letters. Alice danced on this stone and 'read' the inscription aloud. She picked up more pinecones and acorns (which she also called pinecones) just outside the roped-off indicators of the cabin. We walked to the water and waded in, where Alice squealed with joy and announced, 'I like this Wall Pond.'

All five of us adored Walden Pond. I could have spent days there.

My husband and I did daytrip into Boston on the commuter train, while Alice's grandparents watched her for the day. We spent an invigorating five hours at the Museum of Fine Art (MFA) and then took the train to Chinatown, where we discovered a vegan Thai restaurant (My Thai) which served one of the most delicious meals I ever have eaten. Just finding a vegan Thai restaurant was enough to make me want to live in Boston. When we went inside, I decided I'd like to live across the street. Our appetizer arrived and I decided I'd need to live in the same building. When our entrees were served, I realized I'd need to be next door.

My one pang of regret was not getting to Tanglewood, but--next time.

New England unlodged some story ideas, which is funny for me as I've been producing mainly weird poetry and hybrid work, as far as my writing goes.

So, not the most coherent post I've made, but I wanted to put something out there since it feels like it's been a long time. I've got some fantastic doll clothing ideas to work through in the next few days. Thanks for reading!

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