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Monday, August 30, 2010

Strange Popcorn and Other Vices

I'm a vegetarian, and have been for 17 of my 33 years. On a recent Whole Foods shopping trip, an end cap with brick red bags of gourmet popcorn caught my eye, and the sale price was enough of a discount for me to pause. 'Bacon Ranch popcorn? What in the world?' I picked up the Popcorn, Indiana bag prepared to be disgusted. Then I read the ingredients. No bacon! Theoretically, I could consume this product. So, I bought it thinking that perhaps an eventual review of this offensive flavor might make it to McSweeney's Reviews of New Food section.

Later that night, at home, we watched a movie. What better occasion on which to indulge? I ripped into the bag and was hit with a funny smoky aroma. 'What the...?' I hesitated a moment before putting the first kernel in my mouth. Then quickly--a second, third, seventy-seventh piece.

The popcorn was amazing. Normally a popcorn purist, I prefer mine hand-cranked on the stove with a small amount of butter, very lightly salted. In fact, I have gone through two hand-crank poppers in my time (and now need a third). But now, on impromptu 'just to buy a gallon of milk for Alice' trips to Whole Foods, I hunt down the bags by Popcorn, Indiana, and I ... buy them, even full priced. Whole Foods likes to keep me on my toes and they never keep this popcorn near the other popcorn, and it's always in an unlikely place. In the frozen aisle? Near bulk foods on the verge of the produce section? With the tea? In any event, I'm hooked. Bacon-Ranch popcorn, I'll have you no matter where I find you. There is no escape, for either of us.

I'm eating some right now, in fact.

During the last few weeks, which have been quiet for this blog, I've been busy. I'll showcase a few photos of the last month's work.

Whose Woods Are These capelet.

Silken Wings (white silk dupioni).

Black Forest dress.
Custom order.

Custom order.

Silk dupioni blouse and hand dyed batik petal skirt (custom order).

Custom ordered blouse.

Girls in capes! L to R: Ellia, Polly, Ashanti, Monet

Now I'm on my second bowl of popcorn.... rather than hiding my vices, I thought I would celebrate them in list form. Here are a few.

*Fresh vegetable juice from Whole Foods -- more expensive than a Frappuccino but heavenly. I like the 'kitchen sink' juice, which has whatever vegetables WF has in that day. Though I never go for cilantro or cucumber.

*Fabric. I have kind of an unpredictable taste in fabric. I like retro and reproduction prints, with a soft spot for '30s prints. I'm a fan of (especially, hand dyed) batiks. Japanese import prints -- I am dying to get my hands on some linen-cotton blends, but haven't found any at an affordable (to me) price. I love the whimsy of Heather Ross. I tend to love Moda. Joel Dewberry. And so on.

*Trims. Especially hand dyed silk and velvet ribbons.

*Dark, organic, fair-trade chocolate.

*'Mama's Coffee' (as my toddler calls it) made by my husband at my request -- I am spoiled! -- iced soy mocha.

*Hand dyed yarn.

*Checking out sewing or knitting books from the library, often through ILL, from which I then copy several patterns that end up in piles of other patterns, often to be rediscovered long after and sometimes then made.

*Spending long stretches on the Internet. Facebook, LJ, Etsy, Google, various crafting blogs, artist sites, etc.

*Okra. When I was pregnant, I once bought the last (multiple pounds of) okra at the farmer's market, much to the chagrin of the lady just behind me. That same lady became even more irritated when I got the last loaf of challah!

****ENOUGH VICES!!!!****
Perhaps you'll tell me one of yours!

News for the shop:

For fall, I'm planning lots of 'warmer' clothes for dolls. I'm going to be doing a collaboration with Jennifer of Graciegirls Dolls which will involve me making clothes for her smaller dolls. I plan to start selling clothes for these dolls and Little Buddies (Bamboletta) on Etsy in the coming weeks.

To celebrate and welcome the nearing Autumn, I'm offering a considerable discount on every quilt and bedding set in my shop. If you purchase any quilt or bedding set, I will refund $5 for any set costing $30 to $50. I will refund $10 for any hand-quilted quilt (these run $75). In addition, I will refund shipping costs, even if you purchase doll clothing as well. Simply mention in the 'notes to seller' section you read about the quilt promo on my blog or Facebook, and I'll promptly refund the difference to your Paypal account.

What would you like to read about in future blog entries? I love feedback and constructive criticism, and would welcome hearing from readers. Thank you!!!

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