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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Giveaway for Facebook Fans!

It's time again, and this time, the winner may pick ONE of the following items sized for a ~15" Waldorf doll:

-semi-custom cape or capelet, OR

-semi-custom petal skirt, OR

-semi-custom blouse.

By semi-custom, I mean I'll ask your color preferences, the type of doll who will wear the garment, and then I will work within my fabric stash to come up with a garment you'll love.

To enter, you must be a fan of Dreaming Monet on Facebook.

, please leave either a piece of advice specific to my shop, Facebook page, my clothing and / or quilts.

If you don't have any advice (or even if you do), how about telling me your favorite item in my shop or sold items?

Would you like an extra entry or two?

-Tell your friends about Dreaming Monet. If they become a fan, and enter the giveaway, you each receive an extra entry--please ask them to tell me you sent them, though!

-Become a blog follower.

-Tell me you are already a blog follower.


Please be sure I have a way to contact you. Contest ends 10PM PST on Friday, September 10. The winner will be drawn by random number generator and will be announced both here and on Facebook by noon on Saturday, September 11 (though probably sooner, because I won't be able to wait that long)!

Good luck!!!


  1. I love your petal skirts :)
    And I follow your blog ...
    Shelly Gudmunsen on fb
    vanslotm at hotmail dot com

    Thank you!

  2. I just became a blog follower :)

  3. I don't have any advice but my favorite items are your petal skirts!! Oh my, after seeing the one for the auction in person I am SO in love with these :)

    I'm Lea Wilkerson Thomas on FB :)

  4. I Love the silken wings, I would Love to see them in more colors! Becoming a blog follower!

  5. Thanks so much for this great contest! I love your little petal dresses and blouses! I'm a Facebook fan and now a Blog follower.

  6. Love the petal skirts you design. We are followers of your Facebook page! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I love the little pleated blouses. You are a very talented seamstress. I am a face book follower and now a blog follower. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. LOVE the petal skirts and of course our custom top and capelet:-) Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  9. Deborah - I do not have any advice. I really love the fabrics you use though. I think your petal skirts are my favorite!!!

    -Cassie Cardinal

  10. Advice: I would put a link to your Etsy shop in your information square on the left in FB (where it says "dreaming monet is run by deborah brandon...)

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! FB fan Heather Derksen

  11. I am on Face book. My advice would be, I would like to see sets. I love the white dress with blue flowers and I may have been more tempted by it had it included a shirt and pants in the same color family. I would love one stop doll clothes shopping a mix and match set as it were.

    julie vila

  12. I just became a blog follower. You have been a favorites on etsy for about a month now =)

    Julie Vila

  13. Hi! I love your unique petal skirts!!
    My advice is to add some lighter, girly colors into your collection, like pinks or lilac. I've popped into your shop a few times, and love the styles, but the colors are a little sophisticated for my daughters liking (mind you, she loves rainbows and color, lots of it!) :)
    Hey, maybe a rainbow petal skirt...! :)

  14. I just became a blog follower too :)

  15. Hi! My favorite item in your shop is the Lilypad Petal skirt and top set, it is so cute with the tulle shoulder strap accents. My advice would be, for the doll quilts you sell, have a pic in each listing showing one covering a doll completely so everyone can see how much room there is to spare.:)I am a FB follower and you are an etsy fav. too!

  16. OOOOOOH I <3 the blouse in blue on a bamboletta!!!!! I love Polly she is looking goood!!!! She is doing great at modeling!!!! YOU GO POLLY!!! lol

  17. Hi there
    I've just become a fb fan, have had your shop in my Etsy faves for a while. My favourite item in your shop at the moment would have to be the Lily Pad Petal skirt and top. I would be very tempted by punky/funky type of fabrics ;) Thanks, Lisa.

  18. Becoming a blog follower right now!

  19. I loved the Lilypad Petal Skirt and Top and I also really like the wings!

    As for advice, I agree that funky/punky material would be great!

  20. I'm a facebook fan. I love the petal skirts or the tops, maybe both equally. But right now I'm eyeing the confection doll quilt on etsy.

    Angie E

  21. My second entry for becoming a blog follower. :)

  22. Entry for Theresa!

    Folks, if any of you have a hard time getting Blogspot to accept your comment, just message me on FB or Etsy and I'll enter for you.

  23. No advice, but I LOVE your petal skirts!

  24. Just became a blog follower!

    (eta FB id is Shannon Goodwin)

  25. Hiya! I'm a Facebook fan and I LOVE the petal skirts! I agree with Heather. You ought to put a direct link to your shop on your FB page in the info box so people don't have to search around for it. You can also put a link to your blog. :-)

    ~ Judith

  26. I like pretty much everything but maybe the top and the capelet is what gets my eyes! Thank you
    Paula Martins Morris on FB.

  27. I favorited your shop on etsy ages ago - lovely stuff! I fell in love when I saw the skirt sets with the petal skirts and blouses. I love the prints you use especially. There is just something so fairytalish about them! I'm Aly Kantor on facebook.

  28. I love the blue and white dress and your reversible dresses!

  29. :) I love your petal skirts- so cute!
    I would love to see a black/pink/white capelet w/ a skully on it. LOL! :)

  30. I'm a blog follower now- thanks! :)

  31. Hmm... advice... Tell those dollies to keep their clothes on, winter is a comin' LOL.

    Petal skirts are my favorite :)

    FB(Tia McFarlane)

  32. Blog follower too :) Been keeping tabs on Monet's Dreams for a while now. She was my one that got away ;)

    ^^see above for FB info^^

  33. Hi! Have you thought about doing lace capelets? They would be very romantic :)

    Love your shop!

    Amanda Howard Cowell

  34. I am a fan on FB, and my advice is to not change a thing.

  35. FB fan sarah linette, and I just adore the lilypad petal skirt and top. The little ruffles at the sleeves are just lovely.

    (email in my profile)

  36. So sorry you're not feeling well :( Here's my extra entry to distract you from that uncomfortable tube ...
    Today was the first day of school in my district, also the first day of K for my firstborn. Very busy, very emotional last few days. Well, an armed man was reported in our area of town, so the local schools and hospital went on lock down for about 90 minutes this morning. Very scary! The scene ended with that man taking his own life, so sad. No one else was physically harmed, and the schools/hospital were in no eminent danger. Such a stressful day. I hope yours was better!

    Shelly Gudmunsen on fb
    vanslotm at hotmail dot com

  37. a paragraph? shooot. ok. :)

    once upon a time... heehee.

    I'm at work. 3 more minutes and I can leave. My son told me not to pick him up too early from school so he can play. My daughter told me to pick her brother up first so she can play longer. I'm thinking about going home and telling my hubby to pick them both up. LOL! ok, not really. 1 more minute.

    I hope you feel ok! :)

  38. I am sorry that you are not doing well. I am a cut & paste kinda lady and I would like to go and find something really interesting or strange and put it here. I think you would enjoy that more.
    May not be a paragraph but it will make you chuckle or be in shock! Should distract for a minute! Hope you feel better!

  39. Here's a poem I just wrote special for you :) Hope it helps you forget that nasty tube!!

    Twas the night of the upload and all through world
    not a lady was stirring away from her mouse.
    The supper that was prepped earlier with care,
    Now boiled over, the chef unaware.
    The children turned loose, jumped on their beds,
    While visions of waldorf dolls dancced in their heads.
    The hubby with his laptop and me on the Mac
    had just settled down for a panick attack.
    Then on the website there arose such a gem,
    And I sprang into action as soon as I saw them.
    Into my cart she flew like a flash
    checkout and shipping and paypal for cash.
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear
    "Oops your order is already completed" - oh dear!!

  40. LOL Tia--um, I am not sure how I can possibly follow such a great comment!

    Maybe a couple of Chicago jokes? Here they are!

    Chicago has only two seasons: winter and construction.

    You know Elvis is dead because he's registered to vote in Chicago.

    If they can dye the river green on one day, why can't they dye it blue the other 364?

    And just a couple more:
    You Know You're From Chicago If...

    You know the difference between The Loop and Downtown.

    You drink "pop."

    You understand what "lake-effect" means.

    You know what goes on a Chicago style hot dog.

    Hope the next hours with the tube go by quickly!!! :)

  41. Oh golly what to write about?

    Ok I will repost a blog entry of mine for last year about now.

    Space Derby and other embarrassing moments.

    My son is in cub scouts this means space derby. Before this month I did not know what space derby was.

    Pretty much each kid is given a kit that contains some stuff and wood things. Then the wood is sanded to take it from a boxy shape to a space ship or phallic shape.

    I use to think this was something the boys were supposed to do. After M has worked on sanding for almost 2 weeks now I have asked around and I was incorrect. Apparently the sanding is a parental responsibility.

    Anyhow I am a master of the multitasking so I tossed the space derby kit into my on the go bag. Today I arrived at F’s school 30 minutes before class gets out and I gathered my wood and sandpaper to sand. I get out of my car because I do not want my car to fill with wood shavings and begin to sand.

    As I am “sanding” it occurs to me that I have “read” about the motions I am using before only it was NOT to sand something much less a space ship.

    Just as I am convinced that I am certainly the only person who would look at me and think Why is that woman giving a hand job to a piece of wood. 2 other moms look up laugh and ask me what I am doing.

  42. ok, an update...

    Ds & I went to pick up dd and she was crying. She was sitting at a table coloring and all of her friends left one by one until she was the last one there. So she decided it was time to cry. (she's 3)

    She also thought that I told her not to poop at school. WTH? So... there she was, holding it in.... um... lovely. We had an, "it's ok to poo" talk with teacher today. LOL!

    I love the poem!

    wth is pop? (just kidding) ;)

    and LOL!!! a space ship, huh? giggle!

  43. cheating again reposting the best from my blog

    I have had a pile of baby things in my entry way for LN and Sean for months now. Yesterday in a cleaning frenzy we put all the stuff into the back of my van with some unknown plan of getting them the heck out of my house and in theory to Sean and LN.

    Then last night we went to Tony’s company Holiday party and I had a tantrum. It was an adult like tantrum and I did not end up crying loudly or stomping on the floor but I did watch someone walk away with a look on my face which would shame a hurt puppy and I had to turn my back on a crowd so I could regain my composure.

    I came home and realized that my need is very minor compared to so many other peoples needs right now. My needs are much more in the range of wants and I need to not think of frivolous like eating out or buying video games as needs. They are alas just things we want and certainly do not need. My needs include paying for my kid to play chess and take a Playball class after school. We really have what we need.

    Tonight we stopped to have dinner at the Big Chicken. As we finished our meal a family came to sit near us. The grandmother dressed in her uniform, the mom very pregnant, and her 7 year old son in high water blue jeans in 40 degree weather. My daughter could not take her eyes off the mom. She smiled and started a conversation with the family. We joined Poppy in her social interaction answering the questions about her age and such.

    I asked the mom when she is due. She replied any day now with a girl just like mine. Then I struggled with how to ask what I really wanted to know.

    Do you need anything for your baby?

    She struggled then with polite conversation and how to not sound needy. I took the mom to the back of my van and unloaded just about everything into this mom’s car. A swing, a boppy, a bouncy seat, and 2 - 18 gal storage totes worth of baby clothes, socks, mittens, blankets and sleepers. She just about cried.

    She had nothing but a few sleepers and a pack of diapers. In a time where everyone is struggling she was just not quite getting around to what she needed and I happened to have it.

    Thanks for the gentle lesion universe! I do hope Sean and LN understand.

  44. I was going to write a spectular sequel to the poem from the other day but I seem to have acquired writers block today.....

    Instead I will just tell you what I am doing instead of what I should be doing. I am playing on the computer and painting my nails (something I haven't done for probably 8 yrs). I should be finishing up my big Bitty Bag order so I can get back to customs and RTG stuff for the shop. I also should be pricing all the treasures (read that as junk) for the yard sale we are having tomorrow.

    My 3yr old woke up a boogery mess and has been grouchy and miserable all day. And his sister who is in great spirits is having fun by doing anything she can to irritate him.

    I hope you are having a good day Deborah :) Who's your favorite Bambo in the upload today? We always seem to have similar tastes.

    Tia McFarlane

  45. OK here goes! hope some of these are entertaining! I read a few from the chicago post earlier!

    You know you are from Alaska when:
    1. Your idea of a traffic jam is 10 cars waiting to pass a motor home on the highway.
    2. "Vacation" means going to Anchorage for the weekend.
    4. You know several people who have hit moose more than once.
    5. You often switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
    7. Your grandparents drive at 65 mph through 13 feet of snow during a raging blizzard, without flinching.
    8. You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events.
    9. You install security lights on your house and garage, and leave both unlocked.
    10. You think of the major food groups as: deer meat, beer, fish, and berries.
    12. There are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at the grocery store at any given time.
    13. You know what Bunny Boots are.
    14. Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
    15. You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and flannel pajamas.
    16. You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.
    18. You didn't know what the word "county" meant, and we were never taught about "area codes"... 907 is all you had to know
    19. You think bald eagles aren't that great
    21. You wish seagulls came with a mute button
    22. You can go to McDonalds and order off the $1.50 menu which they feel is equivalent to the $0.99 menu
    24. You have to have a raven cage around your trash to keep them out
    25. You go to school, work, or both in the dark and come out in the dark
    26. 30 degrees is shorts weather
    27. -10 is a bit nippy
    28. Buses leaving school are delayed because a bear is in the parking lot
    29. You tell people you live in an igloo for kicks
    30. You don’t swim in natural bodies of water for fear of swimmers itch or beaver fever...or leeches
    31. Having a moose in your front yard is a legitimate excuse for being late to work
    Continued in my second post!

  46. hi! my advice for your shop would be to have other dolls by other doll makers as models. not everyone can get their hands on a bambo and it's nice to see how other dolls look in the clothing too=)

    i "like" your page. i LOVE your quilts!!!