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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Our car overheated at the bottom of Mt. Lemmon, so we hiked where we were, waiting for the engine to cool. So much sun!

Alice was a champion hiker. She said 'Alice's hikewalk, Mama's hikewalk, Daddo's hikewalk,' and wanted to stop to climb every 'big rock' we passed.

I thought it was beautiful here so I stopped for a drink and to take a photo. I didn't notice the cloud at the time, but doesn't it look like a fairy or angel?

When we returned to the car, it was better so we chanced it and drove higher.

And there were a lot of 'biiiiig big rocks.' Lots of them. As we rose, the dry brush was replaced with pines and aspen.

We made it to my favorite hiking spot, just beyond Summerhaven.

In the forest I always feel weightless and completely balanced. We showed Alice ferns, gave her a piece of mica to look at, listened to birds and the sound of running water below us.

There were some fallen trees around the trail. Alice played with a pine 'broom' and pocketed pinecones.

We did make it to the stream. Alice and I waded into the cold water very, very briefly.

She would have liked to stay there longer. I wished we could spend the night in this forest, or maybe stay forever.

We sat quietly to see if fairies would come.

On the way back, we looked for the pine broom, but it was gone.

No matter. The pine needles on the ground are a miracle, as are the rocks one can find below them.

Filling the tinderbox for dreams.

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